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Sports Performance Massage - 60 Minutes

Sports Performance Massage - 60 Minutes


The Benefits of Sports Performance Massage:

This treatment has the aims & goals of the sporting client in mind. The main focus of this type of massage is to help in the preparation of a sporting event or to prevent injury throughout an intense training period. 

S.P.M has outstanding results in injury prevention, and helping in the following conditions:

  • Greater range of flexibility

  • Improved range of movement

  • Improved sporting performance

  • Improved self-awareness

  • Functional muscle balance

  • Improved fluid movement

  • Pain reduction

  • Greater energy

  • Improved recovery

  • Appropriate psychological stimulation – alertness, clarity, relaxation.

INVEST in your body & SAVE!!?

Unlimited* 30Minute SPORTS PERFORMANCE MASSAGE Treatments for 3 Months. 


Treatments are done in the bespoke studio of FitnessSpace West Bridgford.
Therapist can travel, but at an ADDITIONAL COST to the client. 

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